COVID-19 services: Find out how you can avail them at home


Despite the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country, and the general fear of people visiting a hospital, many hospitals continue with their home-based health services, of patients who have been tested for the virus, but show only mild symptoms.

Last year, reported that if a person checks that he or she has Covid but his or her symptoms are manageable, instead of booking a hospital bed – which is probably crowded – they can access the comfort services of their home.

These have become known as home-based care services. Fortis Healthcare shares that home-based isolation services are available with adequate medical care. It is due to COVID-19 patients who are mild and symptomatic.

Supported by doctors, nurses, psychologists, and paramedics, the packages are divided into two types – standard test package and standard care package – costing Rs 2,000 and Rs 7,000 respectively. A standard test package for any patient with a history of visits, recommended for solitary confinement but not disclosed to any good patient. Includes video consultation by physician and infectious disease specialist.

In a standard care package, the recipient will have telephone / video communication for the following services: consultation with a physician, consultation with an infectious disease specialist, psychologist consultation, nursing care, nutrition counseling, 24X7 medical help. Any patient with asymptomatic, with negative symptoms, exposed to a Covid patient or visiting the content site can use this.

If your symptoms are manageable, stay home and seek telephone / video consultation. (Photo: Pixabay)

In addition, MAX hospitals also provide COVID-19 home care. The website states that 15-day packages start from Rs 333 per day. Highlights of care include: telephone reviews by a third-day doctor, medical kit of COVID-19, critical monitoring by trained nurses when called, twice a day, self-examination guidelines, isolation, home and personal hygiene, home delivery, among others. You can make a reservation on their official website.

Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital in Mumbai has also expanded its range of COVID-19 Care @ Home services. The speaker shared with that medical services include telephone reviews by a third-day doctor, case-by-nurse examination, home delivery, essential monitoring by a registered daily nurse, complete guidelines for self-examination and isolation. The COVID-19 medical kit that includes a digital thermometer, SPo2 probe and digital probe can also be obtained if required.

Apart from this, due to rising cases in the province of Maharashtra, the BMC has started sending its health workers for home check-ups, when a patient calls saying they need more care. Depending on the medical parameters, the health workers will work with the military room and refer the patient. The report states that the BMC has removed at least 15,000 health workers, said Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal, to conduct communication, home visits and patient needs assessments.


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