Camila Mendes Opens Up About the Self-Care Tactics That Help Her Deal


from Brazil Have you noticed that you have not been given a role?

When I started working hard and doing auditions, I heard that there were books for white women or Latin women who spoke Spanish. I am Latin I was born in the United States and come from Brazil. I speak Portuguese. In Hollywood, at the time, there seemed to be no role for people with backgrounds like mine. But now, I think people are beginning to understand that there are all kinds of Latin women – and moreover, all kinds of people are people with different backgrounds and experiences.

How did you see that change?

Some of the characters I just found and my legacy, and I think I don’t focus once or for all. Sounds real.

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What is your definition of benefit?

For me, I take care of myself in a very simple way. Sometimes I sit down and look at it, looking at myself and saying: “What do I need in my body? Do I need water, sleep or steps and stretching? Do I need a magazine?
Where did you learn to do this?

I think my mother was lucky to raise me like this – she’s fine. You buy cooked food. It encourages me to exercise without looking the other way, but because increasing your heart rate is important for your health. I also took dance classes as a child, when movement was part of your childhood life,


I move my body every day. I go through stages when it comes to what I want to do – I have so many different stages. Now, this is not possible. So my trainer also sends me exercise, and I do it on my own – I feel like I want to exercise on my own.
Camila Mendez


My relationship with food was unusual at the time – I had an eating disorder. I got it by seeing my [doctor] and working with a dietitian who was very stubborn about me. I didn’t eat the corpses – but it only took me a while. I tried all the dishes – I always ate. However, I discovered that they were not helping me. When I started listening to my body and my body needed food – sometimes by eating what I thought was as bad as sugar and bread – I saw a big change. A lovely lesson is that it tells us what your body wants and wants; You need to know how to listen. It takes time to find out – it’s hard. What one woman wants is not what another woman wants. we are all different.


It’s interesting. When we started shooting season 5, I started having panic attacks, which were different from me. Because I’m in Vancouver and the borders are closed – no one can see us. You start to lose your home and your life, and your friends or community are no longer with you. I mean, thank you so much for all the work I’ve done, I don’t want to go out. The bath helped with panic attacks. I put down my phone, took a break from technology and learned to take a bath in a bathtub with music and a book at those times.

Are there things you do regularly to keep your mind healthy?

I have a thank you magazine. I found it on the coaster. He writes down a few small things every day that you are grateful for. I never thought I could be one of those people, but I love it. I like to do deep equipment every day, but I don’t have the time. So, it is good because you are still testing yourself and you feel better because you did something yourself.


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